Human Factors in Risk-Based
Design Methodology

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FAROS Project Dissemination Page

» ICCAS 2015 (September)

Dr. Romanas Puisa presented the paper Integration of Market Uncertainty in Ship's Design Specification

Dr. Alexander Piperakis, Dr. Rachel Pawling & Prof. David Andrews presented the paper The Integration of Human Factors into Preliminary Risk-Based Ship Design
Conference Link
» MARSIM 2015 (September)

 M. Schaub, K. Benedict, M. Gluch, G. Milbrady, G. Tuschling & M. Kirchhoff presented
the paper Modelling of Ships for Simulator Training and Simulation-Augmented Manoeuvring Support on Board and from the Shore
Conference Link
» ESREL 2015 (September)

 Douglas Owen, Gemma Innes-Jones, Yasmine Hifi, Serena Palmieri, and Luca Save presented the paper Modelling mechanisms of vessel crew injury: A generalisable approach
Conference Link
» Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 2015, 138 (June)

Floris Goerlandt & Dr. Jakub Montewka authored the paper Maritime transportation risk analysis: Review and analysis in light of some foundational issues
ScienceDirect Link
» ESREL 2014

Floris Goerlandt & Dr. Jakub Montewka presented the paper Review of risk concepts and perspectives in risk assessment of maritime transportation

» Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 2014, 127 (July)

Dr. Jakub Montewka, Floris Goerlandt & Prof. Pentti Kujala authored the paper On a systematic perspective on risk for Formal Safety Assessment (FSA).
ScienceDirect Link
» Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 2014, 124 (April)

Dr. Jakub Montewka, Prof. Sören Ehlers, Floris Goerlandt, Tomasz Hinz, Dr. Kristjan Tabri & Prof. Pentti Kujala authored the paper A framework for risk assessment for maritime transportation systems - a case study for open sea collisions involving RoPax vessel.
ScienceDirect Link
» PSAM 2014

Dr. Jakub Montewka, Floris Goerlandt, Gemma Innes-Jones, Douglas Owen, Yasmine Hifi & Markus Porthin presented the paper Quantifying the effect of noise, vibration and motion on human performance in ship collision and grounding risk assessment

» IMO Alert! No. 35 May 2014

Dr. Romanas Puisa, Gemma Innes-Jones & Dr. Jesus Mediavilla Varas authored the article Do current design standards cater for safety? The issue of Alert! is linked as a PDF.

Alert ! Issue
» ICVRAM 2014

Floris Goerlandt, Dr. JakubMontewka & Prof. Pentti Kujala presented the paper Tools for an extended risk assessment for RoPax ship-ship collision

» Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2014

Seppo Kivimaa presented the paper Ship Motions, Vibration and Noise Influence on Crew Performance and Well-Being Studies in FAROS Project, with co-authors Antti Rantanen, Tapio Nyman, Toby Garner, Barry Davies and Douglas Owen
TRA 2014
» RINA The Naval Architect, May 2014

Dr. Romanas Puisa authored the article Unconventional Design Ideas For Ro-Ro Passenger Ships

» COMPIT 2014

Dr. Romanas Puisa presented the paper Practical design optimisation: optimum internal arrangement within a few hours, with co-author Alistair Murphy. The complete conference proceedings may be downloaded at the page linked.
COMPIT Website
» Sea Sciences and Technologies Conference

Dr. Romanas Puisa presented the paper Engine room fires: statistics & practice

» DFS 2013 Conference

Dr. Romanas Puisa presented the paper Integration of Human Factors in Risk-Based Ship Design Methodology

» 18th Human Element Advisory Group (HEAG 18)

Dr. Teo Karayannis presented a summary of the FAROS project to the 18th meeting of the MCA's HEAG. The HEAG web page is linked, including the report for HEAG 18 and the presentations that were made.
HEAG Website

Last Updated: 2015-Oct-05